A Wedding Story

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This is how the whole process works. Usually, I am contacted, by the bride, around 6 to 8 months before her wedding day. Sometime earlier and sometimes later. She has either seen me on facebook, or at one of the venues that I frequently photograph at, and maybe she has heard about me from a friend. The bride usually emails me or messages me on facebook to find out if I am available for her wedding date and how does she book with me. At that point, I double check my calendar, to make sure that I am available for her wedding day, and if I am, I then respond back. In my response back, I ALWAYS ask to schedule a consultation either in person, or phone (if not local). A consultation is a MUST for me. I like to meet who I am working with. This is how I also can weed out any bridezillas, which I have been very lucky to have never had. At the time of the consultation, I find out everything I need to know about the wedding, and then I go over what options are best for the wedding day with my services. This is when a package is customized or when you tell me that you want to include certain pictures during the day and all of that. Then, after we go over everything, if the bride wants to book with me, it is 10% down and she must sign the contract that we go over. I go over a lot of things at the Bridal Consultation and it is really important part of the whole process. After all of that is done, we schedule an engagement session or a bridal session, if it is included in your package. I do hope that brides do an engagement session with me, if possible, because it gives us the opportunity to know each other a little more before the wedding day. Also, I always request that we at least add each other to social media sites (facebook), because again, I don't want to be a complete stranger to a bride on her wedding day. This is also one of my favorite things about my jobs, I get a chance to form friendships with the people I photograph.

The Wedding Day

The OutfitsThe Outfits


Upon arrival, I will usually get the dress and the shoe pictures, while the bride is finishing up with hair and makeup.


The pictures of the bride getting in her dress are always some of my favorite candid moments to capture.

A wedding dress is never a simple thing to put on. 

The Best way is to DIVE on in.

AND Fluff those layers UP, so you can walk.

This is a really exciting moment for the bride. It becomes REAL, at this moment, that this her wedding day!

I LOVE capturing beautiful Mother/Daughter moments, during this time also. I take the type of picture, I hope to have with my daughter one day.

Then, I like to get the bride, in the mirror, putting on those finishing touches.

Then, we photograph the Groom getting ready for the big day

They typically don't take as long as the bride.

ALL Details are important to capture.

There are several new trends, thanks to Pinterest, that have started being requested. I LOVE them. They are first look with the Father of the Bride, and First Look with the Bridesmaids. Here are some examples of each. 

First time Father of the Bride, sees his little girl, as a bride. It is always a really sweet moment.

And this photo is just A LOT of fun!!! 

Then, as we have discussed in our Bridal consultation, the following things happen:
1. First Look with the Groom
2. NO first Look with the Groom and we do the "Around the Corner Picture"

Scooter Photography This is always a really special memory for the bride and the groom. If you are a very nervous person, then I highly suggest seeing each other before the ceremony. 

The Around the corner picture surfaced on Pinterest, and it has became a popular request for couples who want this picture, even if they do a first look after this picture. This couple decided to do the around the corner picture, and pray together, before seeing one another. It was really beautiful.

What typically happens next depends on which of those two options the bride choose.

If she decided to do the first look, then we do Bride and Groom portraits, right after that.

If the bride decides NOT to do the first look, then we do Bridal Portraits, and Bride and Bridesmaids photos, after the around the corner picture.

And we also get Groom and Groomsmen too. 

If the bride and Groom decide to see each other before the ceremony, then we go ahead and get the WHOLE wedding party pictures.

And then we do FAMILY portraits

Any special arrangements of family members will be discussed, at the consultation, or before the day of the wedding.

The 3 generations of wedding rings, has also become a very popular request, from pinterest. 

Then, it is time for the MAIN event. The Ceremony

The Grand entrance

That SWEET moment, right before the bride walks down the aisle.



Unity Candle

Pouring of the Sand

Tying the Knot

Washing the Feet

Exchanging of Rings

First Kiss as Husband and Wife

First Walk as Husband and Wife

And then Celebratory Hugs and Kisses

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