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I am a Wedding Photographer, Ask Me Anything
Here is a list of the most frequent Questions I get asked, but Let me know if I Left Any Out.


1.       Is the Bridal Consultation Free and what is it? YES. The bridal consultation is when we get a chance to meet, either at a Starbucks, my studio, or via phone. We discuss everything about your wedding so I can find out exactly what you need and customize (if needed) a package for you. I also am able to make a basic wedding photo timeline for your wedding day, during the consultation. The timeline will help insure your wedding day runs smoothly and that I can capture all of your “must have" photos and all of the normal photos. This is really a big gift to the bride and her family. It helps them know what time everyone needs to be where and what time the flowers need to arrive by. There is no obligation to book at the time of consultation.

2.       What Gear to you use? I currently shoot with the Nikon D600 and D700. I bring both cameras with me to every event, because having backup equipment on a wedding day is so important. I use the SB700 external flashes and I use a wide variety of lenses on my cameras. I also have additional external lighting that I bring if I think I am going to need it. We discuss what the lighting situations are going to be at the time of the bridal consultation. 

3.       Do you have a second Photographer? Depending on which package you choose. I highly encourage using the options for a second photographer. What is the advantage of having two photographers at my Wedding? There are several moments during a wedding day, where 1 photographer can not be in two places at once. For example: During the ceremony, I usually have my second photographer at the front of the aisle to capture the bride walking down from that end and to get the groom's face when she is walking down the aisle. I get the wide shot from the back of the ceremony of the bride walking down the aisle and those sweet moments that happen with the father and daughter right before the bride walks down the aisle. We usually have two different lenses on our cameras too. So photos from the same moments looks completely different but look great together in a wedding album. 

4.       Are you Available on my Wedding Date? I do book up quickly and I only do a certain number of weddings every year.  I have booked weddings as far as 18 months in advance. As soon as you have your venue nailed down, you need to call and book me.

5.       How do I book you? Hopefully at the time of the bridal consultation. Although, there is no obligation to book with me, at that time. Whenever you do decide you definitely want to book with me, all you have to do is sign the wedding contract and put 10 % down. The deposit does go toward the total balance.

6.       How many weddings have you done? I am honestly starting to loose count. I think somewhere around 50 give or take. I do not like to take on more than 2 weddings a month. That is the limit that I can comfortable handle and still LOVE my job.

7.       How many photos do you take? How long does it take you to process the photos? Every wedding is different, but I can ballpark it for you. If there are two shooters, and 8 hours of coverage, it is typically around 1000-1200 photos. Sometimes more sometimes slightly less. It really depends on your wedding and what is going on. If you got a lively group, lots of dancing and details, probably more. If I am solo shooting a wedding, it is around 500-600. It does take me 6-8 weeks to edit the whole wedding and design the book. During that time, I give you 10 Facebook sneak peeks, and a HUGE blog post, that has 60-80 photos on it. So you get to enjoy all of that during the editing time.

8.       Do you Design Your Own Books? Yes, I usually design the book first. Then, I send it to you to review and make changes. Once it is perfected to your liking, then I order it. It takes about 2 weeks to arrive.

9.       Do you travel and do you charge travel expense? Yes I travel. There is sometimes a fee associated with certain destinations but I like to discuss all of that with brides, during a bridal consultation.

10.     Where do you do Engagement sessions? I have several locations that I shoot at frequently that are on this link. Check out this link and let's start planning on where you might want to have your engagement session. Locations

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