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Please look at the Before and After so you can see what is possible with the editing. All of the other photos are straight out the camera. I rarely show photos unfinished, so please keep in mind that all the other photos are unfinished products.

Please let me know which 5 you want from this proofing gallery. It will be up for you to view until Sunday, November 24th. I will edit the ones you pick from the gallery.

If you want to upgrade your package or add additional images here is the pricing information that goes with this event.

Option 1: $200 (20 minutes)
*Includes: 5 digital images
**$35 for any additional images
***20% off any a la carte items

Option 2: $300 (20 minutes)
*Includes: 7 digital images
**$20 per additional image
***8 x 8 session album of your favorites
****30% off any a la carte items

Option 3: $600
Option to purchase ALL images in this proofing gallery!

*Remember you have already paid $200 towards this event.
This gallery is empty.