I am the owner of Pamella Vann Photography and Studio. As a small business owner, I understand the need and the hassle of keeping up with all of the social media pages. In today's world, it has become increasingly important to have a Social Media presence. If this is something that you just don't understand or care to do, then that is why I have decided to create this service.

First of all, I want to know, do you know of or have the following Social Media Accounts for your Business
Facebook Fan Page
Google Plus
Google Places

If you don't have or if you have never heard of the above terms, then that is ok. Again, that I why I am hoping you will hire me. Since I have a background in Photography, I also understand that it is really important to put current pictures of your business and products on all of these Social Media Sources. And up to 20 promotional photos is included with this service.

What I am offering:
*Creation or Set up of at least 4 of the Listed Social Media Sites listed Above
*Daily Posts on Facebook and Twitter Pages ( The two Largest Social Media Sites )
*Weekly Photo on Instagram
*Up to 20 Promotional Photos that could include Building, Employees, Head-shots, or Products*Short Promotional Video that can be posted on You Tube
*Consultation about what Promotional Posts could help your business
*Monthly Blog Post if you have a Blog

If you sign up for this service for 6 months: $600
If you sign up for this service for 3 months: $400
If you sign up for this service for 1 month:  $250

Contact me to set up a Consultation to find out to see if this Service is right for you and your Business.

Pamella Vann
[email protected]